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Bill Booke13's picture
University of North Carolina ( Masters )
Environmental professional with four years of experience in watershed research, environmental educat...
Peter San43's picture
duke university ( Bachelor )
Im the Biology with science teacher prepare and give lessons in topics such as the human body, plant...
Shen Smith26's picture
University of Newyork ( BE )
Involved in planning and handling of university’s annual curriculum of students pertaining to comput...
Henry Peter22's picture
University of Washington ( Bachelor in Math )
I teach over 50 students now a days. I have great experience of A/A+ level students.
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University of Georgia ( Masters )
I understand the individual needs of my clients and build them a brand that’s unique to them. No one...
Jessie Godsey44's picture
University of the West of England ( Bachelors )
I am currently a trainee Secondary School Art...
Stanley Kubrick19's picture
Boston University ( Master )
I have a great experience in teaching Law
Wilson Astin16's picture
Alaska Pacific University ( masters )
I love to teach geology.
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I am a Software Engineer, and want to help students
J.C. Barrie20's picture
University of Pennsylvania ( Masters )
An energetic and passionate professional who has a successful track record of teaching students with...
Christine23 Peter's picture
University of Washington ( Masters in philosophy )
I'm a philosopher