Education | Donald J Trump As President

Thursday, December 1, 2016
Hi everyone.. just created a new topic... so are we gonna see any change in our education system?
Hi Hannah... well for starters No actually.. congress still has majority Republicans and they wont allow any harsh changes in education soon.
Hi Hanna... isnt it to early to make comments on what he's gonna do?
well i dont say that...
he's pretty hard headed throughout
Donald Trump’s statement early in the campaign that he loves the poorly educated was not just idiosyncratic blather; it was a harbinger of the policies Ms. DeVos will pursue to make education less accessible to people who cannot afford private education.
Of course, Ms. DeVos and Mr. Trump will say they are all about better quality education for all children. But don’t be fooled. They benefit from ensuring that the very best educational options are available only to the affluent, and they see no reason to make education available to those who can’t afford to pay for it.
hi every one
One key issue in the ongoing class-action lawsuits against Trump University is whether Donald Trump was just a figurehead (and any responsibility for wrongdoing is on his subordinates) or instead was personally involved (and any responsibility for wrongdoing is on him).
President-elect Donald Trump addressed many of today’s biggest education policy issues while he was campaigning. But he’s also been talking about a number of these topics for more than a decade. For example
The America We Deserve ,publish in 2000, he wrote about citizenship education, teachers unions, and school safety. And ten years later,in Think Like a Champion, he touched on American history and comprehensive education.
we'll see about that... still i am not expecting some drastic change within few Years
i agree with Farhan Muhammad but the issue is that system should be change because higher education is so expensive
we cant change the system with less fuel, efficiency; i agree, and foreign student policy also a concern..
we can change the system if government show serious on this matter because goverment have fund to aid to other country but not facilitate our people