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Hwr u
hello everyone
hello ivan
Do you guys agree Maths is only subject that You never boor when you understand it ?
hahahha yes you are right
hello colin
yeah that sounds right :)
hi isla
every subject are not boor when you understand lol...
A mathematician is a blind man in a dark room looking for a black cat which isn't there :P
MATHEMATICS is a great motivator for all humans.. Because its career starts with "ZERO" but it never end(INFINITY)
speaking of infinity... do you know its a paradox in Physics....
Friday, October 30, 2015
right Bryan. maths never end
Monday, November 2, 2015
Hello everyone
this is my answer if anyone has another please post it :)
5% mean 5/100 equation will look like this : x - 5/100 = 190 to make it easier you simplify 5/100 = 1/20 then inverse opperation = 190 + 1/20 = 3801/20 this is your answer = 3801/20 need it in decimals : 190.05 - See more at:
Hello friends
x - 5/100 = 190 => x - 0.05 =190 => x = 190.05
(off topic : did you know I was studying shaksphear's story about henry !! lOL)
oh :) from which novel
henry V (is that what you mean?)
hi henry
Your ans is incorrect :( :(
why even if you search it on an online calculator you will find the same answer ! I just searched it now
(no offense)
it is not calculated by any calculator :)
plz concentrate on it
henry that's cool it feels like talking to the character in the story
oh lori .. but it's answer is 190.05
hmmm tricky question
no it is, Lori , online calculator means it gives you answers with steps for your question
answer is 200 u right
b/c the 5% of 200 is 10
so x - 10 =190
from were did you get 200 Maria?
hello maria
i think u r on right track
lori right i his question
200 is answer
ya okay but how did you get it???
hmm how it possible maria
i will try to prove
Do not tell me answer is 200,
lori words
i will prove it . wait a sec
it is so tricky
ok maria
Ok take your time
answer can't be 200 I just did some research and all saying it is 190.05
(and this was my answer ) yes, it is true take your time :) no offense
lily u r right .. i try it again and again but can't find the answer 200
im waiting for the answer 200 :)
5% of 200 is 10
ya !!! I know !!
so x- 10 = 190
I am taking this lesson and I know what I'm saying
x = 190 +10 = 200
just wait i will prove
how did you get the 10?
what is a question ?
plus you're dealing with percentage how did you remove the 100 ??? and get the ten ??
Hi aliza
answer it and give you answer here ;)
How you get it maria ???
plz explain it clearly
hmm lori you saw answer is 200 right?
:) wait i will try :P
Yes Aliza
and I say it is 190.05
Can you evaluate it ?@aliza
ok Maria
plz clearly write your question
means 5/100
ok maria
lori is lili is right?
anybody came with 199.5?
yes !! me
No :(
it should be 190x1.05???? or i am getting it wrong?
Hi hanna
190 + 1/20
since we simplified 5/100
5%=x of 5%
no hanna answer is 200
Lori u know how to calculate % ?
Maria can u proof?
Maria you did not prove it yet
yah almost
im just thinking about it but 200 is not possible
i will lili
So plz post your ans
190x1 = 100%... so 190+05% is 190x1.05
okay :) take your time
Ok maria try :)
yes henry
hanna ????
and thanks all of you for the contribution
Hello hanna
in a normal calculation answer is 190.05
mean lili and henry is right
yes !! Aliza this is also for me :)
lori are you sure u write a correct question?
answer is not 190.05 aliza
answer is 200
can u try ?
yes answer is 200
yes aliza my ans is 190.05
maria proof !!!!!!!!
yes yes
it lili
Where is maria :( im waiting for maria's ans
if i sell you something in 190$ and charge 5% profit... how much more will i earn? 0.05$, 9.5$ or simply 10$???? i m really confused... it cant be 0.05$ as thats not the TIP we are usually charged in restaurants.. :)
lili wait :)
i try to solve it wait henry :)
okay :) I'm waiting
it is not simple that's y no body can prove it :)
Waiting :)
no actually I can, because I am taking this !!! I know it !!! I've slved many equations like this :) no offenes
maria , it's so crazy to proof the answer is 200.
actually its a tricky question
maria, and lori here is a tool to use :)
online math equation solver with steps
after that say what you think :)
yes even math solver can answer it 190.05
yah i understand
but it is a tricky question
yes it is true
hmm i know it's tricky
it is not solved by any tool
but ans is 200 ;)
it is not it is just very simple if you know the steps
it can be online solved
:P yes answer is 200
just try it out.............
Yes it is very simple and easy question
proof again
@ Maria
only simple maths operation is applied on iut
yep !!!
Ok maria plz proof it
and paste your answer here
ok maria we understand it's a trick question , can you solved it?
yes i will
please wait just a moment
Maria if you have no proof use online help okay, It is okay to say I know it but can't prove it....
Hello everyone
hello indra
i have read all your discussion
im also solved it
my answer is also 190.05 :P
Lily and Henry are right
Hello Indra
Indra plz think it in different way :)
hi Indra :)
Lori, use online help, okay try to redo it with a new thinking use new steps and you'll get it please redo it !!
How ?
i can't find 200 the ans of this question any way
Lori plz do online help
even online help says it is 190.05 !!
Lori 3 persons answer same.. plz check your question again
as Henry mentioned before ;)
actually we are now 4
im also take online help and ans is same
but ans is 200
I did it then as I came to the discussion I searched it !!
yes lori is right . and i will try to prove it :)
it is very very easy question and simply it has simple solution
come on Maria we are 4 !! and 2, use oline help
yes maria plz go ahead
you can't prove an answer that is wrong but you can always prove the right one :) no offense
maria plz proof your question :)
yah its impossible
to prove 200
lori why ae you say 200 is right answer
I think lori and maria should redo it from the begining
and think more !! ;)
if i wil prove it so ?
lili so u can start your study at begining
Maria, we are 4 having the same answer, I have answered this twice and tried it twice , you cant say 4 are wrong and two are right !!
lili is right
as I mentioned before I answered these problems a lot so I know it !!!
plus you can't say all internet is wrong and only two are right (since the internet supports our answer
no I told you WE ARE 4 plus the Internet agrees with us so you can't prove yyour answer to us but we proved our answer to you so 4 are defiantly right and two are defiantly wrong, no offense but you have to understand this
but no budy is right all the time, and now today you are wrong lili :)
yes you are right but we are 4 saying the same answer !!!!
just check !!!
Yah i know but you know in a school 1 student is a first position holder not all
maria don't waste your time
200 is not a correct answer
4 and Internet with evidence to the answer , 2 with no evidence,
what you say????
200 is not correct
plz proof if u said this
yes !!
don't you worry i will prove it
Maria I'm not against you, but it is just a math problem that you think you are right and 4 plus INTERNET ARE RIGHT and you're not
maria answer
Maria 4 ppl at a time are not wrong
by the way Ans is 200
I said so millions of times but let's wait and see.........
@ Henry
lori check it onlie
don't waste your time saying it's wrong, not proving it, and don't want to check !! do something !
no offense
how is everyone?
just trying to do anything until they answer !! lol!!
answer can never be 200 and i m sure of that.. :/
yes henry I am with you
i am almost solved it :)
i will explain all of you in a moment
even when you open the question I wrote everything there but he is unsatisfied with it ...
yes because i want answer 200.
and it is a right answer
you will never get it Lori it is wrong
why are you thinking it is right ?
why you want's 200
who told you so?
everyone tell u answer in not 200
lori go ask your school teacher !!!
lori i will prove it , don't you worry
see what's their answer
Maria again it is hard for you to prove it because it is wrong !!
Maria again it is hard for you to prove it because it is wrong !!
it doesn't need all this discussion !!! we have been discussing this for 2 hours !!!!
what's the point???
no not at all lili
yes maria you already taking so much time
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Thanks admin
but i don't find it, where is it?
Please Refresh the page so, you can get a Facebook share.
it might be on there facebook page (lol)
never mind.......
yah yah i know
Maria where r u ?
i m here henry
im waiting for your answer
i know you are here
but ehre are your answer
please wait
Maria im also waiting for your ans
plz expalin your ans clearly
let's wait for two more hours :) (JUST KIDDING ) .... I DON'T MEAN ANYTHING, JUST JOKING
I know we are waiting but we can't wait seriously we can just do anything else until they make there support
Guys, take a look plz If x=200
therefore 5% of x =200x5/100
200 - 5% of x
200 - 10 =190
I searched everywhere and my own work, everything is just right here
190 = 190 LHS = RHS
why 200 x 5/100? from where did you get 200 ? it is not even involved in the quation
Lori i can't understand it
Lori i can't understand it
Lori i got your point
not right
Lori answer my question: why 200 x 5/100? from where did you get 200 ? it is not even involved in the quation - See more at:
Im not understanding this 200 - 5% of x
It is incorrect
lily is right
Henry plz focus on each and every step
every step is more clear
im enable to understand it :(
no Maria !!! you can't answer my question !! then you are wrong
Im also enable to understand the point which is marked by henry
Lori plz expalin the line 200 - 5% of x
why 200 !!! not in the equation at all !! okay !! does this make sense !!!
im not lily
it make sense
lori explain it clearly
what is wrong with this question
how did you get the 200 then It is not envolved at all in the equation ???
it is a simple question
lily and henry both are right
Maria just explain it plz
just putting the 200 in place of x
and every thing will be clear
plz do
Lori what u say
how to calculate it ?
why 2oo ?? It doesn't make sense because 200 is not part of the equation, even if you add or do anything with equation num. !!!
hmm maria im focused on it . i think u r right
maria are you prove it or not
in other words if you put 200 - 5% it will = 199.95 but the equation tells you you need the answer to be 190 !!
so 200 is wrong
know its the time for answer
oh thank God
if you put 200 - 5% it will = 199.95 but the equation tells you you need the answer to be 190 !! ??? so answer is 190.05
i m so frustrated
same here
ok ok aliza
be cool
Maria, concentrate on the last thing I said okay !!
lori you say
x - 5% = 190
lori ?
yes this is the equation
but where is lori
I don't know he is away
now answer it
so Now maria put 200 in place for x
what you get
another num. than 190 right?
and 5% = x of 5%
but you want 190!!!
no use for multiplication since it tells you subtraction !!!
now put 190.05 - 5% what you get
lili wait i m answer to lori
yes it is
she want's 200 answer and i can prove it
on Calculator you get 190
so this is right
maria answer fast
plz expalin your point of view mariA
190.05 - 5% = 190 so the for of us are right !!
x - 5% = 190 then
Hence: 190 is equal to 95% of x
Yes u r rite maria :):)
maria focus
lili are you agre
How maria
put your answer in place for x and see what you get
do it fast because I am tired
beacuse 5% = 5% of x
hmm plz
if you get your answer 190 then your right but if you did not then you are wrong
95%x = 190
95%x = 190
plz maria proof it
lori got it?
Maria can you please do what I am telling you to, this will help you please !!!
Oh i got it
100%x - 5%x =190
95%x = 190
95/100 x = 190
you mean to say x -5%= 190 => 100%x - 5%x =190
oh ok i got it
0.95x = 190
x = 190/0.95
x= 200
:) oh great
I mean you think 200 is your answer right?
Yes u r rite maria
yes i prove it
this is a correct sequesnce to solve ot
thank u maria
right/ maria
unfortunately she is right lili
no can't be
I mean, ...
wlcm lori
lili know u are alone
remember your words
4 is agree and 1 you are not
so who is wrong
okay did you put 200 in place fo x
well lets see
200 place it for x
this question is asked by my friend and i solved it in 4hours :p
200 - 5% of x = 190
5% of x = 200*5/100 = 10
no 200 - 5% =
200 - 10 = 190
190 = 190
okay you need this answer to be 190
and it is not so, if you put 190.05 you will get 190
why 10?
why multiplication?
okay give an explanation and I will listen
why you can minus
because equation says so
this is to check answer
i eill prove it and the questionar understand it
hmm lili is right :(
Maria u r rite
thanks for your expolanation
hmm maria is prove it right
Ok maria i understand what u say
wlcm lori
so explain it Maria to me ??
why multiplication?
by the way i am going to study at beginning lili :P
lili still not agree with your answer
I don't understand your answer ?
can you explain it?
i m already explain it lili
Yes plz expalin it.
ya I did not understand
why multiplication
my teacher told me to do it the way I did it why you did that way ?
why the online solver says the same answer I made?
ok maria ..
i can;t understand the way you explain
Lily plz read above discussion
never mind !! Have a good day to ALL !!!
Have a good day to you too :)
Monday, November 9, 2015
Hello friends
Hi every1!!
Tuesday, August 2, 2016
hru all ?
Thursday, December 8, 2016
i'm good