I have some questions about law.

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I have some questions about law.

1. ________is the ideal that the ideal criminal law will be applied to all members of society, regardless of status.

A. uniformity

B. Specificity

C. Politically

D. Regularity


2. In Jury trials Jeopardy attaches when the

A. First witness has been sworn in.

B. entire jury has been selected and sworn in

C. verdict is read.

D. Judge passes sentence upon the convicted person


3. An exception to the exclusionary rule is the _____ exception.

A. warrantless search

B. Stop and frisk

C. threshold inquiry

D. Good faith


4. Limbic system discarders are possible explanations for criminal behavior under________Theories.

A. biocriminology

B. Criminal anthropology

C. Psychoanalytic

D. Classical

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