A question - whether the position is important

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A question - whether the position is important

A question - whether the position is important partners during sexual intercourse? It is evident that no specific position does not increase the danger of adverse effects on the cardiovascular system or in men or women; most importantly, to partners, supplement manager having sex, to feel comfortable. In Novosibirsk, June 16-18 this year, it held the European School of Urology, which were raised and issues discussed in this article. The meetings were attended by the Dutch, Spanish colleagues except Russian urologists. Along with urologists attended endocrinologists, cardiologists. When considering the treatment of erectile dysfunction, specifically noted the need for a systematic approach, the interaction of urologists, cardiologists, edokrinologov. The role of early detection and prevention of erectile dysfunction. The team deals with Uromedtsentra eretilnoy dysfunction for more than 10 years, and in my practice .



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