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J.C. Barrie
J.C. Barrie
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Role: Student, Tutor
School: University of Pennsylvania
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Education: Masters
Major/Field of Study: Management
Professional Summary: An energetic and passionate professional who has a successful track record of teaching students with cognitive, physical, emotional and behavioural problems. Maxine comes to you with a strong background in providing students with an environment that is different from a traditional education. She is someone who possess a variety of competencies that set her apart from other candidates, chief amongst these is her ability to give students access to the resources which they need and deserve. As a seasoned professional she has a passion for education, a drive to make a difference and an ability to help children with significant challenges learn and grow. Her key skills include but are not limited to; preparing daily lesson plans, creating a stimulating classroom environment and writing up meaningful instructional material. At the moment she is looking for a suitable position with a company that challenges its employees to be better than they thought possible.
Other Information
About: I'm a teacher
Interest: Teaching